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Events & Covid-19

I believe

everyone has been affected by Covid-19 one way or another. Without doubt it has been hard for many of us. In my case opening a rental company and waiting patiently for 2020 summer to come so we can thrive was already hard.

Then without notice Covid-19 came right before our season started. Leaving us with a gap of events to fulfill and living in uncertainty. Our state is slowly opening up again but yet events are not close to our future. Many had to cancel their yearly events and some are still up in the air to see what happens, something no one


knows. For now we can only hope for the best and wait patiently again to see what happens.

We are now open and ready to help our customers! We can schedule one on one meetings and guide you the best possible way to make your events a success even during Covid-19, as planning ahead is now more important than ever.

We are a family based company and your support is greatly appreciated!


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